ACT/SAT Dual Prep Class

    Our Spring ACT/SAT Dual Prep Class, SAT/PSAT Traditional Class, and SAT Crash Course is on the calendar and ready to go!

    *Dual Prp ACT/SAT Class runs from January 23 to March 1


    *Traditional SAT Prep Class runs from March 6 to April 5. 


    *Crash Course for SAT will be held on Sunday, April 8 from 1-5pm

    Dual Prep and Traditional Prep Classes are held at Cheyenne Mountain High School from 6:30-8:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We do not meet during D12's Spring Break.



    There are three ways to sign up!

    Call: 719-205-2149. Email: Register: pay the $100 deposit on our website. 


    Spring Dual Prep Classes target exam preparation for the Febraury 10 National ACT and the March 10 SAT


    Spring Traditional SAT targets exam preparation for the April 10 State SAT and teh April 11 PSAT

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Welcome to Smart Prep Colorado!

SAT and ACT Prep Classes

Smart Prep Colorado has been preparing students for National level exams since 2007. All classes run two nights per week from 6:30-8:30 pm. The days of the week and the location for each class will be posted a month prior to our start date. Each class will give student the opportunity to learn test taking strategies specific to the exam they are prepping, and to practice content. For three weeks students will listen, learn, and participate. The last week of each course ends with a full length exam to give students the opportunity to practice, once again, what they have learned in our course. In addition, students will mark their own exams and learn about what the national test markers are looking for and how the exam is scored.

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College Admissions Consultation

This service allows you to speak with the owner about the college admissions process.  Because this process can be somewhat daunting for students and for parents, Leslie will provide an open forum for you to get your questions answered, give you an easy timeline to follow to keep you on track with testing and admissions deadlines, and mostly, give you some peace of mind throughout this process.

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Online Editing

SmartPrep also offers online editing for students who are looking for structured feedback on college entrance essays, subject essays at the high school or college level, and dissertations.   This online service makes scheduling a cinch.  All work is done on the computer through Microsoft Word and on the phone (or in person) with a tutor.


“If you want your student to have every possible advantage when taking the ACT, then the Smart Prep Colorado ACT course should be a REQUIREMENT!  My children have seen a four-point improvement on their ACT scores after taking this course...which ultimately means greater opportunities for college acceptance and more academic scholarship money.
Thank you, Smart Prep Colorado.”