ACT/SAT Dual Prep Class

    Our Spring ACT/SAT Dual Prep Class, SAT/PSAT Traditional Class, and SAT Crash Course is on the calendar and ready to go!

    *Dual Prp ACT/SAT Class runs from January 23 to March 1


    *Traditional SAT Prep Class runs from March 6 to April 5. 


    *Crash Course for SAT will be held on Sunday, April 8 from 1-5pm

    Dual Prep and Traditional Prep Classes are held at Cheyenne Mountain High School from 6:30-8:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We do not meet during D12's Spring Break.



    There are three ways to sign up!

    Call: 719-205-2149. Email: Register: pay the $100 deposit on our website. 


    Spring Dual Prep Classes target exam preparation for the Febraury 10 National ACT and the March 10 SAT


    Spring Traditional SAT targets exam preparation for the April 10 State SAT and teh April 11 PSAT

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College Admissions Consultations

Over the years many people have contacted Smart Prep Colorado with questions regarding the college admissions process.  Many of those questions revolve around: when to prepare and take national exams, AP exams, and SAT Subject exams.  Also, we get many questions about the college application process, Common App., essay writing, and the appropriate timing in regards to submitting college applications.

Once students have submitted their college applications and are admitted to a college or university, we often get calls asking about class selection and what the focus should be for a college freshman.  This is such an exciting time for students but can be a bit daunting.  Sometimes all it takes is someone to step in and make this process less stressful.

Smart Prep Colorado will give you personal assistance with this process.  We will assess student goals to help get your son or daughter organized and ready for completing high school with success, and applying to colleges where their interests will be accommodated.

If you find that you have questions about preparing your son or daughter for college, let us help.  It is never to early to start this process.  Set up a consultation with us so we can help.


Consultations: $65 per hour.