ACT/SAT Dual Prep Class

    Our Spring Classes are on the calendar and ready to go!

    *Dual Prep ACT/SAT Class: January 22--March 7

    *Traditional SAT Class: March 5--April 4

    *Crash-Course (SAT Prep in 4 hours!): April 7 from 2-6pm

    Classes are held at Cheyenne Mountain High School from 6:30-8:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (excluding Crash Course)

    There are three ways to sign up!

    Call: 719-205-2149. Email: Register: pay the $100 deposit on our website. 


    Spring Classes target exam preparation for March 9 National SAT, and the April 6/7 State SAT/PSAT

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Leslie Rutberg

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All inquiries and questions welcomed!