ACT/SAT Dual Prep Class

    Our Spring ACT/SAT Dual Prep Class, SAT/PSAT Traditional Class, and SAT Crash Course is on the calendar and ready to go!

    *Dual Prp ACT/SAT Class runs from January 23 to March 1


    *Traditional SAT Prep Class runs from March 6 to April 5. 


    *Crash Course for SAT will be held on Sunday, April 8 from 1-5pm

    Dual Prep and Traditional Prep Classes are held at Cheyenne Mountain High School from 6:30-8:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We do not meet during D12's Spring Break.



    There are three ways to sign up!

    Call: 719-205-2149. Email: Register: pay the $100 deposit on our website. 


    Spring Dual Prep Classes target exam preparation for the Febraury 10 National ACT and the March 10 SAT


    Spring Traditional SAT targets exam preparation for the April 10 State SAT and teh April 11 PSAT

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Smart Prep Colorado began in 2008 right here in Colorado Springs.

Educator, Tutor, Owner and Operator: Leslie Rutberg
Leslie began teaching English in 1996. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in secondary English Education from Northern Arizona University and her Master in Teaching from Colorado College. She has been tutoring students in English, English as a Second Language, Advanced Placement, SAT/ACT, and honors curriculum since 1997. She has been teaching this SAT course since 2006 and ACT since 2007. She started Smart Prep Colorado in an effort to expand these courses across the city and help students earn the scores they deserve so they can get into the college of their choice.

Educator and Tutor: Janie Mueller
Janie Mueller is in her 28th year of teaching. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Colorado State University and her Masters in Exercise Science from Chapman University. She has been tutoring science for a as many years as she has been teaching and has been tutoring SAT (in math) and ACT in science for three years.

“I work with students on the ACT because I saw that our students at Cheyenne always did worse on the science section than any of the other three [sections], on average. This made me feel that I had to learn about this [ACT]. Now I have looked at how the test is made and the types of questions they put on science. Really, one must be able to read and analyze data to do well on the science portion. Advice to students: keep reading — read all you can put your hands on. Nothing replaces the ability to read well and to comprehend what you read!”

Educator and Tutor: Nick Gagliardi

Nick Galiardi has been teaching at the High School level for 17 years. He has tutored and taught in the discipline of mathematics since 1993 when he began my math career as a math tutor at the University of Southern Colorado Math Lab. Nick earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Sothern Colorado and his Masters of Arts in Education Administration from the University of Phoenix. He recently began tutoring SAT and ACT prep; but, has been helping students prepare for these national exams since he started in education. He is currently the Co-Chair of the Cheyenne Mountain High School Mathematics Department and the Head wrestling coach at Cheyenne Mountain High School.

Educator and Tutor: Mykel Donnelly

Mykel Donnelly has been teaching English for 12 years. She has been highly involved in writing English, Literacy, and ACT preparatory curriculum for School District 11. Mykel earned a B.A. in English Literature and an M.A. in Teaching Writing from Humboldt State University in northern California. She taught for a few years before earning an M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction and a Colorado State Principal License from the University of Phoenix. Mykel has been a Master Teacher for two years and a Literary Resource teacher for one year. Mykel currently holds a professional educator licenses with ELL endorsements in California and Colorado. She is teaching junior high English at Galileo School of Math and Science in District 11 as well as teaching graduate level courses in writing and education instruction at the University of Phoenix.

Educator and Tutor: Rénee Cockrell

Renée Cockrell is a Colorado Springs native who has been teaching at the secondary level for nine years. She has taught Advanced Placement English Language and Composition, Creative Writing, Freshman Honors English, and College Preparatory junior and freshman English at Cheyenne Mountain High School over the last five years. She had the immense honor of being recognized as Cheyenne Mountain High School’s Teacher of the Year for 2013.

Renée earned her Bachelor of the Arts with emphasis on English and Philosophy from The Colorado College in 2006. Just last summer, she also earned her Master of the Art of Teaching degree from The Colorado College.  She earned her National Board Certification in 2013.  Renée enjoys reading, writing, playing music, painting, running, and backpacking.